Apple Authorized Service Provider

Computer World specializes in Apple Authorized service (in or out of warranty) on your Apple device. We have been servicing Apple computers for the Fox Valley since 1979 with the help of our Apple Certified and trained technicians. Stop in with your device and our technicians can take a look at it; no appointment is necessary!


What you should do for your Apple device

Whenever your Apple device is experiencing troubles, the first thing on your mind should be backing up your hard drive. If you are using a laptop or desktop, plug in an external hard drive, run time machine, and let it back up everything on the computer. If you are using an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, plug the device into the computer it was initially set up with and run a back up through iTunes on your computer. This will help protect you from losing all your important data (pictures, music, documents, etc.). Next, bring in your device, no appointment needed, and our technicians will run a quick test  to check for any hardware issues that could be causing you trouble. If needed, we will check the machine into our service department. From here, our technicians will diagnose the computer and give you a call detailing the diagnosed problem and cost to fix your computer. 

Click here to pre-check in your device for service

Service Prices

AppleCare+ and Warranty repairs - FREE
(Covers parts and labor, see AppleCare+ Terms and Conditions for details on covered repairs. Please note: software issues are not covered under the Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare+.)

Instant Service - $29
Assisting with issues that can generally be taken care of quickly.

Extended Service - $39
For issues requiring more than one resolution, for example restoring an iPhone AND
assisting with Apple ID password reset or iCloud backup restore.

Diagnostics / Simple Repair - $50
Hardware/Software Diagnostics (Non-warranty repairs)

Software Support - $129
Advanced software support or data transfers.

Hardware Support - $149
One flat-rate price for any and all hardware repairs and upgrades.

Extended Support - $199
For special instances that require more time for either hardware or software.

Personal Class - $60
One-on-one training.

Tune-Up - $129
Hardware check and storage diagnostics, removal of unnecessary apps
(e.g. antivirus, MacKeeper, etc.), malware scan and removal, install updates for Adobe Flash,
MS Office, and other common items, rebuild the directory, permissions repair,
remove startup programs, and clear cache files.
Optional internal cleaning: physically clean the inside of your computer
to ensure proper airflow for an additional $30

Tune-Up Pro - $179
All services performed in Tune-Up, plus Operating System upgrades,
reinstall of OS if necessary, and examine for possible upgrades on memory/hard drive.
Optional internal cleaning: physically clean the inside of your computer
to ensure proper airflow for an additional $30

Data Backup - $149
Don't have a backup? Don't worry! We'll provide you with a 1TB backup hard drive, plus we'll do a full backup to the drive. That way, even after your repair is done, you have a backup solution in place for the future.

Data Recovery - $299
Data recovery from a failing drive can be tricky and time-consuming. Therefore, we have one standard flat-rate option for all data recovery.

On-Site Service - $100 per hour  
(Parts and labor to fix a machine are in-house only)

*Liquid Damage: Special attention is placed on liquid damage machines.
We will collect the above listed fee at time of check-in.

*Be sure to backup your data prior to having your operating system upgraded. In most cases, your data will not be disturbed
during the upgrade process. However, problems can arise with operating system upgrades resulting in partial or total data loss.
Please ask a service technician about available data backup solutions. 

*All service pricing is subject to applicable sales tax.