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Service for iPhone/iPad/iPod

If you're looking for service for your iOS device, due to the complex nature of troubleshooting and repair processes, we require you to have all the information you can provide about your product. This helps the check-in process go smoothly and saves you time. Please come prepared with everything you are able to provide so that we can better assist you with the service.

Feel free to fill out the pre-check in form (link below). Otherwise, we have service check-in sheets in-store.


Screen repairs must be sent into Apple. The estimated turnaround time is 3-6 business days, but it can vary. A loaner may or may not be available. 

Same day replacements unavailable.

Please disable Find My iPhone prior to coming into the store. This is necessary when sending products in to Apple for repair OR exchanges. You can do so on the iOS device in Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone. If the device won't power on or the screen is not working, you can turn it off at under the Find My iPhone page.

If you would like help resetting your passwords or regaining access to your Apple ID account, a technician can assist you for a fee, or you can call Apple directly at (800) 275-2273.

Click here to pre-check in your device for service

Why Apple Parts?

When you crack your screen or need your battery replaced, you may have a lot of options from 3rd parties. Computer World always recommends you get your iOS device serviced directly through Apple, as you'll know your device is being serviced with genuine Apple parts, is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets quality standards, and comes with a 90-day warranty (or the remainder of your existing warranty, whichever is longer). 

Third party parts are not received through Apple, and are not tested for quality to Apple's standards. We often see customers come in with displays that were replaced by third parties and the device is experiencing functionality issues. These issues can be directly related to the screen or battery, or indirectly associated with the third party parts. Therefore, we recommend going through Computer World or directly through Apple for service with your device.